SEO Marketing Strategy - Tips to Boost your Marketing Efforts

Most of you have probably heard that “SEO” is associated with online commerce, digital marketing, or internet circles. Regardless, you’d be surprised how many people know those three letters but have yet to learn what they mean.

If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered, and if this is your first encounter with the phrase, you’re in luck. This blog will teach you everything you need to understand to implement an effective SEO marketing strategy.

Why Does Having An SEO Marketing Strategy Matter?

Following SEO best practices eventually leads to more organic traffic to your website. Therefore, creating, implementing, and maintaining an SEO strategy can benefit your company’s search rankings, organic traffic, and conversions.

SEO improves online traffic and SERP rankings by employing qualitative content principles and technical improvements (search engine results pages).

Essential SEO strategy tips for every Business Owner

SEO marketing

To increase brand awareness and attract more customers, you’ll need to incorporate SEO best practices into your site management process. So let’s take a look at different approaches.

The suggestions below are organized by category and listed in descending order of potential SEO impact.

Use content marketing to improve your ranking and attract more visitors

Try producing authoritative, pertinent, and distinctive content to draw readers. This should constitute the majority of your SEO efforts.

You can distribute content through various channels, including blogs, social media accounts, and even email. Thoughtful, informative content that adds value to your target market has a good chance of ranking well in search engines and attracting customers.

Keyword Targeting

Keywords are phrases frequently searched for on Google, Bing, and other search engines, and they are an important factor in determining your website’s rankings. Use the right keywords in the right places, and your pages will gradually increase their rankings.

Numerous tools are available to assist, including Google’s Keyword Planner and several WordPress plugins.


Improve Your Content By Incorporating On-Site And Technical SEO

On-site SEO, also known as on-page SEO, refers to techniques for optimizing your content. Using keywords in your titles, headings, and URLs is a good place to start.

However, you should also be aware of technical elements of your website, such as loading time and mobile responsiveness, that affect search engine rankings.


Add an alt text attribute to your images.

Images can make your content difficult to understand for search engines and screen reader visitors.

To address this issue, include alt text describing images’ appearance and content. This will improve your website’s accessibility and SEO. 

Check that if some image alt text is empty.

Adding alt text to images on a page helps search engines and screen reader users understand the page’s content. However, some photos, such as icons separating sections of a page, contain no meaningful content; these images should instead have a blank alt text attribute. 

Check your pictures with empty alt text attributes to ensure they don’t have alt text.

Mobile Experience

SEO marketing

Make it easy for mobile users to click on each page element.

On mobile devices, it can be challenging to tap interactive elements like buttons and links that need to be bigger or closer together. Therefore, interactive features should have a minimum size of 48 pixels by 48 pixels. 

As Google uses a mobile-first indexing strategy, mobile optimization is crucial. This implies that the algorithm will index and rank pages for SERPs using the mobile version of your site rather than crawling a desktop site.

The problem can also be fixed by adding padding if an element needs to stay the same size.

On-Page SEO

SEO marketing

Create a distinct title and meta description.

Your page’s title and meta description tell search engines what your page is about.

Optimize the length of blog posts.

As a general rule, at least 300 words are recommended. Do your research and figure out the best length for the topic you’re writing about.

The subject matter determines the ideal word count for your content. The most important consideration should be who the audience is and what they need to know about the subject. See what pages rank high in search results for your topic or subtopic phrase today to determine how long your content should be.


Use appropriately sized images.

Using large image files, you resize in the editor can slow page loading. This error can be avoided by resizing large images before uploading them.

By implementing responsive images, developers can reduce loading times for existing ideas. 

Use Off-Site SEO To Connect With People All Over The Internet

Off-site SEO refers to practices that affect content outside of your website. 

Important off-site tactics include:

Link Building: Link building encourages links to your website from other websites.

Local SEO: Local SEO refers to optimizing a website for local search results.

Social Media: It entails promoting your company and website on various social media platforms.

Consistency Is The Key To Successful Marketing

Establish A Regular Blogging Schedule. Of course, you can leave a topic cluster out of every blog post or webpage you make. However, Writing about tangential topics your customers are interested in can help you gain authority with Google’s algorithms.

Remember that you are writing a blog for your audience, not search engines, so research and write about topics they are interested in. To stay consistent and focused on your goals, you should develop a content strategy.

Contact us today, and let us implement SEO strategies in your blog posts.

Create A Strategy That Supports Your Business Goals with Arissa India

Ranking high in search results can take time and effort. So while creating content centered on high-traffic keywords may appear appealing, you may need more than this strategy to meet your business objectives.

For tremendous marketing success, let us develop an SEO strategy that aids you in addressing your specific business needs, such as increasing customer acquisition.

Contact us, and we will assist you in developing a solid SEO marketing strategy, tracking your progress, and adapting to changing circumstances to improve your marketing performance.

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